More Deck Info

When you order, please keep in mind that I am in California (Pacific Standard Time Zone)
I do check my orders daily and will get to you as soon as I can.

Note: I have 12 decks (10 Lenormand and 2 Tarot decks)
TO SEE 'ALL' of my Decks: Click on the 'blue' Products link above and
then SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN that page.

Sizes: For decks: 
Poker  (
Bridge (2.25"x3.5")
Tarot (2.75"x4.75")
Large (Jumbo) (3.5"x5.75"

Poker, Bridge sizes: Are either a 36 card Traditional deck - OR a large Ultimate deck (70 to 71 cards) that include the 36 card Traditional deck PLUS Extra alternate cards.

Poker 36 to 50 cards, Bridge 36 to 50 cards
 come with free Window Tuck Boxes.

Poker and Bridge decks (70 cards, or more), and Jumbo sized decks come 'shrink wrapped' (no boxes)

Tarot 78 cards, and MINI 50 to 53 cards come with free Window Tuck Boxes.

Large (JUMBO) (78 cards) come 'shrink wrapped" (no boxes)

Note: I do not sell 'individual' cards, nor do I rearrange my decks so someone can get certain cards,
because my decks and options are already preset at my printers and are 'print on demand' decks and deck bags.
Thank you for understanding!
Hugs, Tarotlyn

Note: I only ship to PayPal 'verified' and 'confirmed' addresses.

Note: For International buyers (outside the USA):
You are responsible for any customs fees or taxes your country imposes on your package.

Card Stock: 
Lenormand decks: Excellent Premium Linen
Tarot decks: Premium Smooth Casino Quality
Large Jumbo decks:
Premium smooth Casino Quality

Deck Bags:
Perfect quality padded bags for deck protection with zippers and the same beautiful image on both sides.
You can keep your cards safely in your purse or pocket, without worry of ruining or losing any of them.
These wonderful deck bags look very nice for private or professional readings.
These deck bags are much easier to get your cards in and out of, compared to a deck box.
They are so worth it because they are very durable, as well as beautiful and they look fantastic! 
I love mine so much and they have lasted me for years and look just as new as the day I got them!

Note: If you request a 'certain' card image for your deck bags, there will be an additional separate fee
of $9.99, because 
it takes me extra time and work to set up an additional 'print on demand' deck bag.

Deck Bags come in different sizes:
Small (5" x 3.5") for 36 card decks
Large (4" x 7") for the decks with Extra Alternate Cards, or larger sized decks.