FULL MOON Lenormand Deck - (50 cards) (Includes Traditional 36 Cards) Plus Spell Cards and Cat Card


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Be ready to go on a seriously 'witchy' journey with this deck. I believe this will be a very good reading deck for you and will open up your path that you are seeking. Included with this deck are eleven Spell Cards that you are surely to enjoy! I hope you like my Full Moon Lenormand, as much as I had fun making this one!

For those of you that participate during Halloween, this is the deck you'll want! And for those of you that celebrate Samhain, you will definitely want to have this deck on hand! Blessed Be!
Note: This deck was critiqued by Bobbie Jo Drake, my good friend, that will be helping me with the sales of my decks. Thank you! Bobbie Jo...Love you, my friend!
(Note: Bobbie Jo Drake is the founder of the wonderful facebook group called 'Lenormand Card Study Group.' A lot of readings are going on in that study group. Be sure to join in on the fun there with us :)

This is not a collage deck. The technique I used is called "photo-manipulation' meaning you are not looking at just a single photo per card. You are looking at cards that took a process of using many different images (up to 30 and more per card) to make just one card do what I wanted it to do.

Note: Your cards will have 'rounded' corners when you receive them.

Also there is a FREE MINI-COURSE That I wrote for this deck. You will receive the link to the secret group on Facebook and will be able to read it there, once you have purchased your deck or decks, etc.

There are 'three' size options for this deck: Poker sized, Bridge sized, or MINI sized.

Card sizes to choose from:
Poker 2.5'' x 3.5'' - (63.5mm x 89mm)
Bridge 2.25'' x 3.5'' - (57mm x 89mm)
MINI 1.75'' x 2.5'' - (44.45mm x 63.5mm)

Deck options to choose from:
Traditional - 36 Cards (with free Window Tuck Box)
Ultimate - 70 cards (Traditional deck Plus 34 Alternate cards) (shrink wrapped - no box)
MINI - 53 cards -(Traditional deck Plus 17 Alternate cards) (with free Window Tuck Box)

All size versions of this deck have 50 cards.
Poker, Bridge, and MINI decks all have 50 cards in them which includes:
36 Traditional cards Plus an extra alternate Coffin card, a Cat card, and 'eleven' fun Spell Cards.

(note: all Lenormand decks are in wonderful, premium Linen card stock)
Also all of my decks are print-on-demand and are shipped straight from my printer to you.

When you order, please keep in mind that I am in California (Pacific Standard Time Zone).
I do check my orders daily and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Promise!

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