Medieval Chihuahua Tarot


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This deck was inspired by Pamela Coleman Smith's 1910 deck. She died in 1951, the her deck (some call it the RWS deck) would not be in the public domain in the EU and UK until 2021 IF she was acknowledged as the author of the work. However, apparently she did this as a 'work for hire', which means that they were in the public domain in 2012, the 70th year after Waite's death. And Being a work in the public domain, I am allowed to create my on and copyright them since they have been significantly changed by me.

I had a total blast making the Medieval Chihuahua Tarot deck.
Some of you might remember the Aclectic Tarot forum when it was still around. It closed down recently.
Anyway, the forum had a special section for artists to share their deck creations with other artists and members, that gave suggestions and offered some very valuable critique . At first I was very sensitive to their critique, but I learned quickly through that process, that it was very helpful to be open to the many suggestions and ideas. I think I made a lot of friends during the critiquing phase, and maybe some not so friendly LOL.

Back to when I was involved with the Aclectic Tarot forum: I began getting private emails from some of the members, that knew I was starting to make this Medieval Chihuahua Tarot deck, and wanted to have their dogs in my deck. I was flooded with fantastic photos of their dogs (all named with their real names within the deck).
A lot of them are immortalized in this work. It was such Blessing having such a close connection with the members and their precious Chihuahuas. I had so much fun making this deck. My little Chi's are in it too!
There is a special card in the deck that names the members and their dogs that participated and helped.
I love this deck and it has such wonderful memories for you. If you love dogs, especially Chihuahuas, you will love this deck. Did I mention that you will get clear, concise readings with the Medieval Chihuahua deck as well.

More info: The Medieval Chihuahua Tarot is a deck for the miniature canine fan. It features photographs of chihuahuas (mostly belonging my friends) This deck features a medieval tarot setting. All proceeds from the deck go to animal shelters.

The technique I used is called "photo-manipulation' meaning you are not looking at just a single photo per card. You are looking at cards that took a process of using many different images (up to 30 and more per card) to make just one card do what I wanted it to do.

Note: Your cards will have 'rounded' corners when you receive them.

Also there is a FREE MINI-COURSE That I wrote for this deck. You will receive the link to the secret group on Facebook and will be able to read it there, once you have purchased your deck or decks, etc.

There are two size options for this deck: Tarot sized, Bridge, or Large Jumbo sized. Sorry, no MINI deck.
(note: This deck is in a very nice 'smooth' premium grade card stock)

Card sizes to choose from:
Tarot 2.75''x4.75'' (70mm×120mm)
(Tarot cards - 78 cards- come with free Window Tuck Boxes)

Large (JUMBO) 3.5" x 5.75" (8.9cm x 14.6cm) - 50% bigger in size than standard poker size
(Large JUMBO- 78 cards- come 'shrink wrapped" -no boxes)

Bridge 2.25'' x 3.5'' - (57mm x 89mm) (NOTE: NOT available yet)

Sorry, I do not re-arrange cards from one deck to another, so be sure to check deck photos to see which 'card selections' come with each option. Also all of my decks are print-on-demand and are shipped straight from my printer to you.

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